Profile Of Chef China & Tiramisu Dreams

Tiramisu Dreams was created in 2013, inspired through exploring cookbooks, online food blogs, YouTube baking videos, and The Food Network.

My first internship was in 2016, with Chef Alex Oke at Tarragon Restaurant, and XO Boutique Bakery (both in Lagos, Nigeria). In 2018 I attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, where I earned a Diplôme de Patisserie. Living in Paris gave me further exposure to the delights of the world of pastry & desserts, and the vast history and knowledge within the industry – of which we’ve barely scratched the surface in Nigeria.

While in Paris I worked at Potel et Chabot, an over 200 year-old catering company, under a number of top Pastry Chefs – including a Pastry World Cup winner. I got to experience catering the French Open, prepping and plating hundreds of exquisite dessert dishes everyday.

Upon my return to Nigeria I worked with Chef Emeka as Pastry Chef at Hélène’s Food Co Abuja, creating and styling several dessert dishes for the restaurant and at private events. Since then I have consulted and created desserts for other restaurants like Amazonia and Lagos Bistro (Abuja).

I have been influenced by a number of Chefs – from Delia Smith’s rustic simplicity, to Karim Bourgi’s more modern spin on classic French pastry. Whichever way I choose to go, I always want the food to speak for itself.

The Tiramisu Dreams concept has, over the years, been reshaped, pruned and remodeled into what it now is. I am certain that the brand will continue to evolve to meet contemporary culinary needs. It is a literal dream come true, and I invite you to share in our journey of exceptional growth and service delivery.

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