Dessert Menu Consulting

We provide dessert menu consulting for start-up restaurant and cafés who want desserts offerings that stand out, as well as existing establishments that want to take their offerings up several notches.

We are available to help you create unique dessert menus using locally sourced ingredients.


Recipe development, Menu creation & Costing

We utilize our creative and technical skills to help you design menus that fit your vision and the niche audience of your establishment. This process necessitates client’s participation through ideation, tastings and feedback. 

Items on the menu, when finalised, would be catalogued and costed accordingly.

Equipment & Staff Audit

For smooth management of dessert production and storage, it is essential for start-ups restaurants and cafés to get their dessert production and storage facilities right from the start. Our assessment of your facilities and staff capacity will help us streamline a menu that can be sustainably managed by your available technical and human resources.

We Do:

Staff Training

We train restaurant and café staff through step by step – recipes, plating and presentation of the menu items.

Additionally, we would provide a catalogue which would contain the recipes and presentation guidelines and images, for future references.

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